Trine: Rise!

When Urine is a Beverage and Red Dragons are Nuisances

Session 8

The group awoke late after a long night of being drugged by Halia. When they went downstairs in the Stonehill Pub, they found lift returning to normal quickly. Elsa had taken over barkeep responsibilities. Sildar was in his usual spot awaiting the group. They discussed the next move- to Thundertree to seek out the old, and eccentric, druid named Reidoth.

Arriving in the long abandoned town, it was clear that the volcanic eruption that had taken place a century earlier had left much changed in this landscape. The creatures that had been killed by the blast were turned into Ash Zombies. The plants, some of them, had turned into Twig Blights. Navigating their way through these annoyances, they eventually found their way to Reidoth.

The druid asked the group to rid his beloved town of a young red dragon, named Flamefang. In return, he would give them information about the map room at Wyvern Tor. That map room was important to everyone because it would lead to Wave Echo Cave and to Gundren.

When the heroes encountered Flamefang, he was not too pleased to see everyone. After some pithy dialog, he belched forth a huge cone of flames that knocked Rolen unconscious. Astrid managed to take a good portion of the blast and withstand it. From there the group unloaded a barrage of assaults. Tharek’s hammer dealt a massive blow to the leg of the dragon, where Talena’s bear form had bitten only moments before. Xander and Astrid managed to deal enough damage, in all, that the beast flew away.

Having completed their mission, the group headed back to Reidoth to collect their much needed information. From their they went back to Phandalin and met the famed Devili. He talked to the group about the larger war, taking place in the whole of Trine, and how he thought that this group would be key to striking a blow to the drakes and to their leader, Tiamat.

The next move for the group is to go to Wyvern Tor and find the map room! Hopefully the group will pick a group name so that the DM doesn’t have to refer to them as “the group” anymore.



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