Trine: Rise!

It's a Trap!

Session 9

The group left the comfort of Phandalin for the northern mountains. Their destination was Wyvern Tor, and hopefully the long lost Moon Elf map room that was at the highest point of the Tor.

When they arrived they the soon encountered that the mountain pass was inhabited by orcs. They group was also being observed by Vyerith, the Drow from a faraway vantage point. When the sentry orc was dispatched, the group rounded the switchbacks and found even more orcs. The captain of the orcs was the slave ship captain that had earlier rounded Talena up and sold her into slavery to the Red Drake of Adretia. Needless to say, she was not pleased.

The group sprang into action. Despite the orc reinforcement being an ogre, another orc, and a dire wolf, the good guys were unimpressed. Though Talena was knocked out of her Tiger form from the damage she sustained, the enemy numbers were already too few to fight back. Astrid knocked the ogre off the cliff. Rolen, Xander, and Aetheris pegged the support orcs. The fight was over.

The group then went to the top of the Tor and successfully opened the door to the map room by reciting three of the founding Moon Elf Cestacala surnames. Inside, the easily navigated the traps to the front of the room. There they picked up the Melegaunt Darkhammer, called Thull (Thunder in Draconic). They also read this:

Desirest you the cave of forever echoes,
Be you sure this is what thy truly seek.
Climb you the dragon knuckles of Rana Mor,
To the place where the tri-mountains peak.

But if you wish for a prosperous Trine,
Though the smith spells burn ever fare.
Be it known that there is no greater gain,
Than when you leave those forge fires bare.

For the pale folk of the cresent moon,
Kindled flame where the vast places meet.
And only time can extinguish this forge,
Once their blackened coals do heat.

The dragon above that begot this cosh,
Has kin in smithy fires of the dirt.
Destruction of that infernal cadent flicker,
May come on the face of the items once burnt.

So pick up the hammer from anvil,
And seek out the spell forge entombed.
And redeem you, the people once faded,
Or else all of Trine will be doomed.

Afterward, the figure of a long dead Moon Elf appeared and mentioned that the Cestacala had moved north to find the next Point of Light.

The next day will take the group to Wave Echo Cave, where they will hopefully find Gundren, his brother, and the Forge of Spells. What the group will do with the Black Spider and the forge is questionable.



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