Trine: Rise!

Into the Wild

Session 6

The group rested from their battles under Tresendar Manor and awoke to a nice breakfast in the Stonehill Inn. They spoke with Sildar that morning who warned them about the urgency in finding Gundren and Wave Echo Cave before the Black Spider finds the Forge of Spells. He also told them that without his map, the group needs to find another way to discover the location of Wave Echo Cave.

The group agreed that Daran Edermath’s suggestion about checking out Old Owl Well might be their best bet. Perhaps it was the entrance to Wave Echo cave. Sister Garaelle also convinced them to deliver a silver comb to Banshee Agatha in Coyberry to ask about the location of a tome called The Book of History and Spells by Terrenannen.

So the group set out for these two locations, but were accosted on the trail by a familiar tribe- The Cragmaws! The hunting party that the heroes had escaped at Cragmaw Castle had tracked the group to their camping spot. Their leader, a hobgoblin named Targor Bloodsword, had sworn a blood vendetta against the killers of his entire tribe. Though his men were dispatched quickly, a certain goblin escaped for the second time. Talena’s owlbear may have snatched this fleeing goblin from the river he used to escape and eaten him, but only time will tell.

Later on down the trail, when speaking with the banshee, Agatha told Xander that his former lover, Queen Irina of Karkoth was in possession of Terrenannen’s book.

On the way back to Phandalin the group encountered an evil mage at Old Owl Well named Hamun Kosh who serves the “Gray Queen.” He was obviously looking for something in the well. Hamun would not give up the location of Wave Echo Cave without a significant payday. The groups bantered for a while before deciding to fight!

The adventure will continue as this fight commences. Then the group will find out what the mysterious rapier is on the fountain that feeds the well. As well, the group will wrestle with the fact that Astrid attacked Talena in the fight against the hobgoblins. They think they know what is going on…



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