Trine: Rise!

Don't Stand Too Close To A Naked Barbarian

Session 7

Having lost the only map to Wave Echo Cave, 5 of our 6 heroes were out and about trying to find some clues as to the whereabouts of their missing employer, Gundren Rockseeker, and the source of everyone’s focus- The Forge of Spells.

They ended up at Old Owl Well and bumped into a mage named Hamun Kosh. He was organizing the digging there at the well for someone he called the Gray Queen. When asked about his purpose there, the group discovered Hamun did have information about the location of Wave Echo Cave, but he required 500 gold for his secrets. The group refused and a battle ensued.

The heads of 12 zombies emerged from the well, and they began to melee with adventurers. Talena took on a few of them by herself, as did Xander. Therak and Astrid headed off the main host of the zombies. Rolen engaged here and there as he poked his way toward the front line.

In the end, the group did not get the information they needed from the mage because Astrid filleted him. Rolen picked up a lovely new singing rapier, and everyone went back to Phandalin to rest.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get long to rest because everyone was drugged by the bartended at their inn, the Stonehill Inn. That night Halia brought all three of the Stonewalls and the missing Townmaster to the heroes rooms where they were pulled out into the hallway and off to an unknown fate. Halia had a magic item that masked everyone’s movements and the only people who were not drugged, Tharek and Rolen, had to figure out what to do. The others eventually woke up to discover that the humans were quasits all working for Halia. She, in turn, was serving the demon Demogorgon.

The group won out with the help of Sildar, and they came away with the magic ring that Halia had used to silence their attack. Astrid finally got her revenge on Halia for cursing her hand axe, and the group finished their rest.

The next day would bring an adventure to the Isle of the Druids, where they hoped that Reidoth the Druid could give them information about Wave Echo Cave. He was living in a town called Thundertree in the middle of that pirate and monster infested island.

Old Owl Well
Halia and Crew



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