Trine: Rise!

Wave Echo Cave: Part 1
Session 10

Killed the Black Spider.
Freed Gundren
Found Nundro dead
Found out that Vyerith works for the Red Drake
Didn’t find out anything about Thekra

It's a Trap!
Session 9

The group left the comfort of Phandalin for the northern mountains. Their destination was Wyvern Tor, and hopefully the long lost Moon Elf map room that was at the highest point of the Tor.

When they arrived they the soon encountered that the mountain pass was inhabited by orcs. They group was also being observed by Vyerith, the Drow from a faraway vantage point. When the sentry orc was dispatched, the group rounded the switchbacks and found even more orcs. The captain of the orcs was the slave ship captain that had earlier rounded Talena up and sold her into slavery to the Red Drake of Adretia. Needless to say, she was not pleased.

The group sprang into action. Despite the orc reinforcement being an ogre, another orc, and a dire wolf, the good guys were unimpressed. Though Talena was knocked out of her Tiger form from the damage she sustained, the enemy numbers were already too few to fight back. Astrid knocked the ogre off the cliff. Rolen, Xander, and Aetheris pegged the support orcs. The fight was over.

The group then went to the top of the Tor and successfully opened the door to the map room by reciting three of the founding Moon Elf Cestacala surnames. Inside, the easily navigated the traps to the front of the room. There they picked up the Melegaunt Darkhammer, called Thull (Thunder in Draconic). They also read this:

Desirest you the cave of forever echoes,
Be you sure this is what thy truly seek.
Climb you the dragon knuckles of Rana Mor,
To the place where the tri-mountains peak.

But if you wish for a prosperous Trine,
Though the smith spells burn ever fare.
Be it known that there is no greater gain,
Than when you leave those forge fires bare.

For the pale folk of the cresent moon,
Kindled flame where the vast places meet.
And only time can extinguish this forge,
Once their blackened coals do heat.

The dragon above that begot this cosh,
Has kin in smithy fires of the dirt.
Destruction of that infernal cadent flicker,
May come on the face of the items once burnt.

So pick up the hammer from anvil,
And seek out the spell forge entombed.
And redeem you, the people once faded,
Or else all of Trine will be doomed.

Afterward, the figure of a long dead Moon Elf appeared and mentioned that the Cestacala had moved north to find the next Point of Light.

The next day will take the group to Wave Echo Cave, where they will hopefully find Gundren, his brother, and the Forge of Spells. What the group will do with the Black Spider and the forge is questionable.

When Urine is a Beverage and Red Dragons are Nuisances
Session 8

The group awoke late after a long night of being drugged by Halia. When they went downstairs in the Stonehill Pub, they found lift returning to normal quickly. Elsa had taken over barkeep responsibilities. Sildar was in his usual spot awaiting the group. They discussed the next move- to Thundertree to seek out the old, and eccentric, druid named Reidoth.

Arriving in the long abandoned town, it was clear that the volcanic eruption that had taken place a century earlier had left much changed in this landscape. The creatures that had been killed by the blast were turned into Ash Zombies. The plants, some of them, had turned into Twig Blights. Navigating their way through these annoyances, they eventually found their way to Reidoth.

The druid asked the group to rid his beloved town of a young red dragon, named Flamefang. In return, he would give them information about the map room at Wyvern Tor. That map room was important to everyone because it would lead to Wave Echo Cave and to Gundren.

When the heroes encountered Flamefang, he was not too pleased to see everyone. After some pithy dialog, he belched forth a huge cone of flames that knocked Rolen unconscious. Astrid managed to take a good portion of the blast and withstand it. From there the group unloaded a barrage of assaults. Tharek’s hammer dealt a massive blow to the leg of the dragon, where Talena’s bear form had bitten only moments before. Xander and Astrid managed to deal enough damage, in all, that the beast flew away.

Having completed their mission, the group headed back to Reidoth to collect their much needed information. From their they went back to Phandalin and met the famed Devili. He talked to the group about the larger war, taking place in the whole of Trine, and how he thought that this group would be key to striking a blow to the drakes and to their leader, Tiamat.

The next move for the group is to go to Wyvern Tor and find the map room! Hopefully the group will pick a group name so that the DM doesn’t have to refer to them as “the group” anymore.

Don't Stand Too Close To A Naked Barbarian
Session 7

Having lost the only map to Wave Echo Cave, 5 of our 6 heroes were out and about trying to find some clues as to the whereabouts of their missing employer, Gundren Rockseeker, and the source of everyone’s focus- The Forge of Spells.

They ended up at Old Owl Well and bumped into a mage named Hamun Kosh. He was organizing the digging there at the well for someone he called the Gray Queen. When asked about his purpose there, the group discovered Hamun did have information about the location of Wave Echo Cave, but he required 500 gold for his secrets. The group refused and a battle ensued.

The heads of 12 zombies emerged from the well, and they began to melee with adventurers. Talena took on a few of them by herself, as did Xander. Therak and Astrid headed off the main host of the zombies. Rolen engaged here and there as he poked his way toward the front line.

In the end, the group did not get the information they needed from the mage because Astrid filleted him. Rolen picked up a lovely new singing rapier, and everyone went back to Phandalin to rest.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get long to rest because everyone was drugged by the bartended at their inn, the Stonehill Inn. That night Halia brought all three of the Stonewalls and the missing Townmaster to the heroes rooms where they were pulled out into the hallway and off to an unknown fate. Halia had a magic item that masked everyone’s movements and the only people who were not drugged, Tharek and Rolen, had to figure out what to do. The others eventually woke up to discover that the humans were quasits all working for Halia. She, in turn, was serving the demon Demogorgon.

The group won out with the help of Sildar, and they came away with the magic ring that Halia had used to silence their attack. Astrid finally got her revenge on Halia for cursing her hand axe, and the group finished their rest.

The next day would bring an adventure to the Isle of the Druids, where they hoped that Reidoth the Druid could give them information about Wave Echo Cave. He was living in a town called Thundertree in the middle of that pirate and monster infested island.

Old Owl Well
Halia and Crew

Into the Wild
Session 6

The group rested from their battles under Tresendar Manor and awoke to a nice breakfast in the Stonehill Inn. They spoke with Sildar that morning who warned them about the urgency in finding Gundren and Wave Echo Cave before the Black Spider finds the Forge of Spells. He also told them that without his map, the group needs to find another way to discover the location of Wave Echo Cave.

The group agreed that Daran Edermath’s suggestion about checking out Old Owl Well might be their best bet. Perhaps it was the entrance to Wave Echo cave. Sister Garaelle also convinced them to deliver a silver comb to Banshee Agatha in Coyberry to ask about the location of a tome called The Book of History and Spells by Terrenannen.

So the group set out for these two locations, but were accosted on the trail by a familiar tribe- The Cragmaws! The hunting party that the heroes had escaped at Cragmaw Castle had tracked the group to their camping spot. Their leader, a hobgoblin named Targor Bloodsword, had sworn a blood vendetta against the killers of his entire tribe. Though his men were dispatched quickly, a certain goblin escaped for the second time. Talena’s owlbear may have snatched this fleeing goblin from the river he used to escape and eaten him, but only time will tell.

Later on down the trail, when speaking with the banshee, Agatha told Xander that his former lover, Queen Irina of Karkoth was in possession of Terrenannen’s book.

On the way back to Phandalin the group encountered an evil mage at Old Owl Well named Hamun Kosh who serves the “Gray Queen.” He was obviously looking for something in the well. Hamun would not give up the location of Wave Echo Cave without a significant payday. The groups bantered for a while before deciding to fight!

The adventure will continue as this fight commences. Then the group will find out what the mysterious rapier is on the fountain that feeds the well. As well, the group will wrestle with the fact that Astrid attacked Talena in the fight against the hobgoblins. They think they know what is going on…

Allergic to Turkey
Session 5

The townmaster met the group in the village center. He was noticeably flustered. They soon discovered that the Red Drake put out a mandate that all dragon cult activity be outside of local jurisdiction. The scuffle with the Redbrand ruffians in Phandalin would go noticed, so Harbin thought. The group did not quiet his fears, as they clearly planned to take down the Redbrand leader.

And so they set off to Tresendar Manor to finish off the rest of the Redbrands. In the crypts of the manor they discovered a crazy zombie turkey that was willing to make a deal with the heroes if only they were to give up a “weak and wounded” comrade for it to snack on. Astrid didn’t take kindly to that.

Later they found some turkey skeletons which they quickly put under. In doing so, they also dispatched some more Redbrand ruffians and thereby freed Milna and her family from the prisons.

Along the way they bumped into Vyerith the Drow, but in the fighting they lost track of her. They discovered her later putting a knife to the throat of the Redbrand leader, named Iarno Glasstaff. When the group tried to stop her, she pummeled Iarno and knocked Xander away. She and the group made peace, and they let her leave, as it seemed clear to everyone she had redeemed her family in her eyes and wished for no more blood.

Traveling on in the dungeon, the group put Iarno’s head on a spear and Rolen showed it to the rest of the Redbrands. They quickly fled in both terror and disgust for their work conditions. The only creatures left, the last 3 bugbears and goblin of the Cragmaw tribe, decided to attack the group. Though this fight was the most challenging of the night, the heroes had no problems taking down the creatures.

After collecting the treasure, the group headed back to the village center. There they were approached by Daran Edermath with a quest suggestion- to go explore the digging at Old Owl Well, for it may be the entrance to Wave Echo Cave, and Sister Garaelle, who asked the group to go see Banshee Agatha just outside the city in order to ask a question about a lost spell book.

Before leaving the kind Sister remarked that the sky was turning unnaturally dark due to the watchful eyes of the Price of Chaos himself, Demogorgon. She urged the adventurers to watch their step.

As the group settled down for the evening, Astrid tried to figure out why she felt like attacking two of her comrades during the last encounter… none of the enemies seemed to be wielders of magic after all…

A Grizzly Death...
Session 4

Perhaps it was foolish to attempt to sleep in the castle, but the adrenaline of battle had faded and Astrid needed to crash. She’d never gotten used to sleeping covered in the blood of her foes but that never stopped her before. So she found a relatively comfortable spot and curled up … but just as she was started to doze off a hooting sound echoed through the halls , followed by a pounding on the door.

Opening it revealed a Drow, and Astrid readied herself for battle … until she saw the pitiful creature. Frail, malnourished and bruised, this Drow posed no threat to anyone. She revealed some useful information, and between her and Sildar the group had a clear course of action – to flee to Phandalin!

However, discovering that the castle was empty proved too tempting to pass up. We pillaged and plundered. We freed an owl bear. We met a pitiful young Drow named Vyerith, who was escaping the bondage of King Grol of the Cragmaw tribe. Then we found Gundren’s brother, Tharden Rockseeker dead in a corner of the castle. He has scrawled the words Wyvern Tor into the floor. Lastly, we found out that Tharek’s sister isn’t dead! But instead, she is helping the Black Spider find the Forge of Spells in Wave Echo Cave.

Afterward, Sildar told us many things on the way back to Phandalin. He mentioned that Talena should seek out Kilani Kilarindi in Nerath to find out more about the Avariel elves. He told Xander that he should seek out Dor-Maz in Karkoth for more information about the “Resistance” against the Drakes.

The group got some much needed rest at the Stone Hill Inn in Phandalin. There we met the townmaster, some shop owners, and we heard about a gang in town calling themselves the “Redbrands.” Several people asked us to take down this threat to their city, so we did. We sought them out in the Sleeping Giant Pub and took them down. Halia, from the Miner’s Exchange, told us where we could find their leader… up at Tresendar Manor.

So until then we will head outside and take a breather from the most recent battle… and why does that statue of Harbin have no head?

Dead As A Goblin Brazier
Session 3

There they were. Reeling from their wounds. The barbarian. The wizard. The rogue. The cleric. The druid. And the bard. They paused only briefly inside of Cragmaw Hideout before tracking the goblins on their retreat.

They followed the footprints for almost two hours, into the mountains, until they arrived at Cragmaw Castle. Before making their assault, they rested for about an hour. Aetheris decided to stay longer for a rest, but the rest of the heroes stormed in what was left of the front gate.

There were four goblins on guard. They alerted three more goblins and four more hobgoblins of the siege. It wasn’t long before the warriors were surrounded, but the tide quickly turned in the favor of the heroes.

Astrid began the fight with her hand axes, but quickly switched to her great axe. She sliced whole limbs off of people and chopped through doors in order to get to some of her enemies.

Rollin found his tune with some of his profane taunts. He even managed to fire off some crossbow bolts that found their mark.

Tharek smashed 3 goblins at once with his Thunderwave. He also has a knack for enveloping his enemies in his Sacred Flame. His performance brought down the house… or the ceiling at least.

Talena transformed into a massive white dire wolf and literally bit her foes in two. The goblins and hobgoblins hacked at her fur, but they found very little notice in the bright eyes of the wolf. She was able to smell out the presence of a human in a nearby room, who ended up being Sildar Hallwinter.

Xander was generally sneaky sneaky. It was his sneak attack was able to finish off Yeemik, who was holding Sildar hostage.

In the end Rolen skewered the final goblin. Astrid managed to take the cook, Yegg, hostage.

After the fight, the exhausted group decided to rest in a wing of the castle… Now they await the rest of the Cragmaw tribe. Shall they be allowed to finish their rest, or will they have to fight their way out of a dead end room.

The Cave of Death
Session 2

The adventuring party decided to follow a hidden trail back to Cragmaw Hideout. On the way they bumped into a dwarf named Tharek Blackstone. He was looking for Gundren Rockseeker.

Tharek reported to the group that Gundren and Sildar were ambushed by goblins and then hauled off to a cave nearby. Tharek had been following their trail too.

Their collective force came upon the cave and Astrid and Xander quickly dispatched the guards. Inside the cave Talena pacified the wolves in the goblin kennel. As they were making their way through the cavern, the floor began to rumble. Suddenly the passage was filled will water. Astrid was nearly swept away, but managed to hang on through sheer will of strength.

This is where things got hairy. Astrid charged into the thick of goblins with Xander not long behind. Aetheris and Talena were behind Xander, as Tharek brought up the rear. The goblins were no match for the adventurers. It was when the goblins began seeking reinforcement from a nearby bugbear named Klarg, the wolves, and other goblins that the fight took a turn.

Talena wrangled people with her thorn whip. Xander and Aetheris took care of the first round of goblins. Tharek held the back line admirably, only to fall exchanging blows with a large wolf. When Astrid cut down the bugbear and his wolf, the other goblins fled.

When the battle was finished the group found Tharek and Xander on the ground, but they were thankfully revived. The group must decide if they will rest in the cave system before they continue their search for Sildar and Gundren, or whether they will head straight back to Phandalin to deliver their goods.

I Took an Arrow in the Knee
Session 1

Great stories sometimes have humble beginnings. “Four random people walk into a bar…” This is how the next chapter of the Trine story begins:

There was the Iron Wolf Barbarian- Astrid. This mercenary sought out Gundren Rockseeker thanks to a letter sent by Gundren’s brother, Tharden. After some icy first lines, Gundren hired Astrid to lead a wagon from Vathan to Phandalin.

There was the Bard from Numoth, named Rolen, whom had been sent by Phteve from the Order of Bahamut. He was seeking help from a warrior known as Sildar Hallwinter, an associate of Gundren Rockseeker. Sildar agreed to help Rolen, for some help with the wagon.

There was the wizard- Aetheris. He was wandering through the area searching for the site of the mysterious Wave Echo Cave, where he was told he could find more information about the Moon Elves’ arrival to Trine. When Gundren heard what Aetheris sought, he was asked to join the protection detail.

There was the rogue- Xander. Sildar recognized this man immediately as the son of Dhurn in Gormad, Karkoth, and offered him employment on the wagon.

The four adventurers struck out on the Triboar Trail toward Phandalin and quickly came across the dead horses belonging to Sildar and Gundren. Four goblins attacked from the north and south.

Suddenly a hidden individual came to the party’s aid. She was Talena, the beautiful winged Avariel Elf. She burst from the treetops and distracted the goblins while Astrid and Aetheris struck down the goblins. Xander kept a low profile during the fight, but his stealth skill was noted by Astrid.

The group decided to secure the wagon and head on a hidden path to the north, toward the goblin encampment, called Cragmaw Hideout. They brought a captured goblin along in order to milk information from him.

The group wishes to inevitably find Gundren and Sildar, and return the wagon provisions to Elmar Barthen in Phandalin for a 10 gp reward.


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